Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pogi and Ganda Points and Federalism

Villar bats for P1-B fund to bring home OFWs in distress.

Why only now? We just hope that this is not just for 2010 pogi points. We also hope that this fund does not go in the way of the fertilizer scam.

President Arroyo earlier ordered Napocor to cut by half its charges to Meralco, apparently to pressure the latter into lowering electricity rates.

Pressure indeed! She is only buying time for herself at the people’s expense, again. What does her ally, Senator Joker Arroyo, say of this brazen attempt to gain ganda points? “This was done in 2003 and was corrected in 2005 because the public in the end had to shoulder the cost.”

This of course assumes that the Meralco will give in to the “pressure”. If it doesn’t, it would be Meralco’s gain, and our loss. Why doesn’t she directly help the poor by suspending the EVAT of small time power users?

How else does she buy time? ATM’s, Philhealth cards; pittance for the poor at Abra and P500,000 for the rich including Jun Lozada; billions in NFA subsidy for foreign farmers; and another P5 billion for the poorest of the poor, presumably, those who were hit hardest by her corruption and "economic gains".

Sen. Panfilo Lacson seeks probe into a South Korean investor’s alleged P400 million bribe.

The public cannot stand another Senate inquiry. Why embark on another inquiry when nothing came out of the much dramatized CTE-NBN investigation?

Federalism, for the Philippines

Senator Nene Pimentel must be kidding. Yes, that’s precisely what I mean - giving birth to a goat. Here’s a quote from a former US congressman, Newt Gingrich, on why his country is in near recession, “Big bureaucracies were created at the federal, state, and local levels; and they have been decaying in efficiency and effectiveness ever since.”

He might as well be speaking of the Philippines. Look at how national and local offices and legislative bodies practically drain our coffers. And we aren’t even into federalism yet!