Monday, April 14, 2008

Lining Up for Noodles?

US ready to export rice to the Philippines. – Ambassador Kristie Kenney.

Hurry, please. We can’t rely on our neglected rice farmers.

GMA to Senate: Filipinos need food, not politics.

Well said, Ma’am. We need food, not your kind of politics.

RP vows action on political killings

Ma’am, no more please. We’ve had enough.

Many unconvinced by RP human rights report, says delegate

A diplomat’s talking! Victims would use stronger language.

Government warned against increasing NFA rice price

Warning's good! We have to eat, don't we?

DND, AFP recommend executive clemency for 9 Magdalo officers

Why not? A promise’s a promise. Keep it, for once.

GMA to endorse ratification of UN convention vs torture

No to torture. How about killings?

The country has enough rice this year to meet demands.

Yes, there's enough rice, but not on our plates. We can only afford so much.

GMA is thinking of withdrawing NFA rice from the public markets and instead have it distributed directly to the poor.

Those who line up for hours at the public markets for two or three kilos of NFA rice are poor enough. The poorer ones don’t fall in line. They try to get by with noodles.

Squash-cassava-flour mix for our bread.

Why not? Desperate situation calls for desperate measures.