Monday, April 28, 2008

2002 SONA. PGMA Said So.... Part 1

“the results of the review of the contracts of independent power producers are in. We have three months to carry out the concrete courses of action stemming from this review that will further ease the burden on our people.

"Soon we shall have the first-ever wholesale electricity spot market in Asia, without the pitfalls of California. In due time, we will give electric consumers the power to choose their electricity suppliers.. We are giving you the power of choice.

The power of choice will lead to lower prices and better service. With cheaper power will come a more competitive economy, and more investors."

She said so 6 years ago.

Legions of ordinary Filipinos, many of them students, came, stood, and clamored at EDSA, for a better government. It is to them i look for validation.

I know that it is to me that those many Filipinos are looking for the vindication of their decision to go to EDSA. I shall not disappoint them.

It is for them that i am working hard on that stone that will fit just above my father’s, adding security to social justice, and prosperity to the promise of social equality in which he believed so much.

Ang malakas na republika ay para sa mahihina, para sa mahihirap, para sa walang trabaho, para sa nagugutom, para sa nanganganib ; para sa agrabyado, para sa mga api!

She said so 6 years ago.

“I led our soldiers in defeating the Abu Sayyaf.”

She said so 6 years ago.

“Everywhere I go, I ask people about their electric bill. This is not just a pet concern for the moment. I think about it all the time.

You have seen your recent electric bills. You know they have gone down. Because I brought down the PPA.”

She said so 6 years ago.